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Steel Toe Jobs is Canada’s first careers-based community for the Construction Industry. What is a community? You could say that it’s a place where you get all the services you need to thrive. That’s what we do – help job seekers thrive in a career by providing construction jobsnews and articlestraining opportunitieseducation options, and even deals on work clothes to do the job.

Employers in Canada all always looking for good construction workers with skill and experience and if you have a Trade they want that too. Some of the most common Trades are Electricians, Carpenters, Welders, Plumbers, and Painters but even labourers can get a Red Seal Trade as a Construction Craft Labourer.

Skilled workers in other words not a ticketed tradesperson but a skill that you may have taken training for or learned on the job are also very much in demand and will be for the next 10 years at a minimum. You can find out more on our website in the Toolbox where we keep you in touch with what’s going on in the construction industry in a variety of ways.

Social media is so key for staying updated and we are up to our boots with many social channels to tune in to get construction news. On Instagram we post a lot of construction pictures, videos and stories, we regram a bit too but we are just keeping it real, real funny that is. We also have FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest. So, there are lots of ways to connect with us if you’re interested in a career in the construction, look no further because careers are built at Steel Toe Jobs. 



Customer Success Specialist – Ajay Defines,
co-ordinates, implements and measures activities to enhance Steel Toe Jobs customer experience.



A thoughtful and authentic leader, he enjoys making the world a better place in small and greats ways. Hobbies include innovation, participation, and imagination.