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The careers in the Construction Industry you never thought about

The construction industry in Canada has grown massively over the years making it one of the leading industries and careers in construction have grown with the industry. Construction across oil and gas, commercial buildings, residential houses, and infrastructure has employed over 1.3 million people and accounts for about 7% of the GDP. So, with a population of 36 million people and constant economic growth, the 2nd largest country in the world by land mass. As a result, it creates a strong demand for construction professionals. Canada continues to seek for international sources of collaborations and manpower support for their construction industry. Because if you are looking for career options in construction, you better know that Canada has a huge demand for labor and great opportunities available. According to a BuildForce Canada report, but there will be an urgent need to replace over 235,000 retirees in the construction sector by 2023.

What does this imply?

  • Job security
  • Variation of skillset
  • Possible pay-raise for construction
  • Significant job opportunities

The Construction industry presents great career opportunities in Canada and some career options in construction are listed below.

  • Carpenters and Joiners

Employment opportunities have risen largely and it is expected to keep rising in subsequent years. Carpenters and joiners can find employment in construction sites but also in education and manufacturing.

Careers in Construction An expert woman carpenter

Careers in Construction: An expert woman carpenter

Carpenters and joiners also have self-employment prospects if they are interested in setting up workshops or building and fabricating woodwork. The salary can range from CAD 50,000 to CAD 80,000 or more.

  • Registered Builder

There is a constant need for construction laborers on construction sites because of the high retirement rate of existing workers. Opportunities for registered builders are always very appealing, especially on the long run. The job requires physically active and vibrant people who can do manual work. You will find the job more rewarding and save basic costs if you relocate to the construction site.

  • Architectural, Building & Surveying Technicians

This aspect of construction has seen a boost in recent times as well. Most construction projects, especially buildings and bridges, require a survey map, topographic analysis and architectural plans to carry out the project effectively. Architectural, Building & Surveying Technicians jobs are expected to have a steady rise. Architectural and surveying technicians are design lovers and can make a graphical representation of your site. They provide recommendations on areas that need repairs, adjustments, and other related issues. Architectural and surveying technicians also work in public administration to ensure construction standards are met.

  • Construction Manager

Employment opportunities for construction managers have seen a constant growth for over 10 years. Construction managers may work for a company, or they can stay self-employed. They manage residential and commercial projects. Managers direct the workflow and manage the budget allocation for a project and oversee the project and often maintain communication with the site engineer. They are readily available to discuss and manage emergencies associated with the project.

Careers in Construction Construction Manager

Careers in Construction: Construction Manager

You don’t really need a certification to become a construction manager, but it is good practice to try to distinguish yourself. While there are two main factors that can make you competitive in the market: experience and recommendations. A good advice would be to find a great construction manager to work with for some time until you have enough experience to go solo. The average income of a Construction manager is about CAD 150,000. Not bad, eh?

  • Teaching

With the vast opportunities that abound in the construction industry, and with the foretasted scarcity of labor in the next years, it is important to prepare and train the builders of tomorrow. As a professional, you can groom young construction managers into experienced managers in exchange for a fee of mentor-ship.

  • Site Engineer

Site engineers supervise the workflow and report all proceedings to the construction manager. They determine the depth, width, and height of infrastructural operations and installations that are done on site. So, they find themselves involved in small, medium and very large projects. In very small projects, they could be both site engineer and construction manager. If this career interests you, you should be great at working independently and without supervision. Certainly, the site engineer largely determines the success of the project, so it might be a stressful, but very rewarding job for a career-oriented person.

  • Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants are professionals who give advice, ideas and solutions on how to carry infrastructure on building environments. They work on a wide range of large projects such as recreational parks, developing estates, condominium, and renovation of old structures. Sustainability consultants have the skill-set to give advice on land reuse. Lastly, they also evaluate the impact of difficult projects or non-environmental friendly projects on the environment.

Construction is a very broad field and it’s steadily growing all around Canada. If you are entering the job market or planning a career change, don’t overlook at the Construction industry: you might miss some serious opportunities. The income potential is very high, the job opportunities diverse and interesting. Even more, you can go from helping as a laborer at 20 to teaching or having your own company at 30. So, The career growth has unlimited potential.

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