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How Steel Toe Jobs Simplifies the Construction Recruitment Process

Construction recruitment and hiring is an ongoing process for the majority of companies. It’s a process that never stops because of the high turnover and constant fluctuation of work needs.

For many companies who use traditional recruitment practices, it takes a lot of management and time to keep all your job postings up-to-date, not to mention relevant and attractive for candidates.

Steel Toe Jobs is one of Canada’s best resources to eliminate and automate the entire construction recruitment process.

Difficulties of Using Traditional Construction Recruiting Techniques

It is crucial to avoid making mistakes in the construction recruiting process, so your company brings in the best employees available. Listed below are 3 common errors that construction companies make and tips on how Steel Toe Jobs helps:

Desperate Construction recruitment Practices

Companies tend to hire when they are in desperate need of workers, like when they need to finish a project on time or they get overwhelmed. Hiring this way does not help a company in the long term because they could end up with subpar employees: workers taken to relieve stress instead of the skills needed. Using Steel Toe Jobs helps resolve this issue by posting your job ad in front of a qualified pool of talent who are actively or passively looking for your job now. In addition, they are priced reasonably so they can be a low-cost channel to keep your talent pipeline filled.

Ignoring New Technologies

Younger prospects (and older) search for jobs online using their mobile technology over 70 – 80 % of the time. If you are not posting your jobs to an online service, you are missing a large majority of the talent you need. Utilizing innovative techniques in your recruitment process will help you remain competitive when recruiting young people. Steel Toe Jobs embraces technology fully; making your jobs available via mobile and desktop technology and pushing your ads out to all the top talent pools such as Indeed, Google for Jobs, and Glassdoor. Leveraging all these avenues maximizes the number of prospects that view your job posting.

Failing to Optimize Available Construction recruitment Tools

Construction companies often only use one avenue to advertise their job postings. This isn’t good enough in today’s technological world. Using Steel Toe Jobs as your recruitment platform means activating an entire arsenal of recruitment sources including local trades and skilled training schools, job fairs, referrals, and social channels. All just part of the many ways we help you find your next hire.

Steel Toe Jobs

Utilizing Steel Toe Jobs allows you to go on to what you do best while you leave us to do what we do best – search for your next site superstar. Plus we’re affordable and we’re human, no really, we pick up!

Let Steel Toe Jobs act as your company’s next great recruiting tool.