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Best Hi-Vis Construction Gear

Hi-vis construction gear is a must-have for all construction workers. Even if you’re working during the day, it’s always smart and advisable to be outfitted with plenty of high-visibility, brightly colored gear.

Three fluorescent colors (yellow-green, orange-red and red) for background material are designed to provide contrast with prevailing ambient backgrounds found in daytime urban and rural situations. For example, yellow-green might not be appropriate in a wooded area, nor should orange-red be worn in a work zone with orange or red equipment or barrels.

Mesh and cotton may be favored by workers in warm climates, while thicker materials will often be preferred by workers in cooler or wet environments.

Remember that unseen workers not only can be injured by automobiles but also by equipment such as earth movers and cranes. It’s key that you always maintain radio contact between workers on the ground and inside equipment. If radio communication is not possible, establish eye contact with the operator before approaching any piece of equipment. Put retroreflective tape on hard hats. This is especially beneficial for companies that require workers to wear hard hats, but not vests.

Must-Haves Hi-vis Construction Gear

Hi-Vis Rain Jacket and Pants 

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Hi-vis rain jackets and pants are very important in BC’s climate.  You’ll want to stay prepared with rain gear to enhance and maintain the performance of your work. Stay prepared in the case of any rain, whether it’s a drizzle or a full-on storm, you’ll want to make sure that no water leaks through to your undergarments. Staying prepared is truly the key to avoiding injuries, or even just normal cuts and bruises.

 Best Places to Get One:

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  • Atmosphere
  • Carhartt

Hi-Vis Hard Hats 

Hi-vis Construction gear: Hard Hat

Hi-vis Construction gear: Hard Hat

Protecting your head is the most important thing you can do on a job site. Hi-vis hard hats are pretty hard to come by if you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable and protective. Remember, not only are you purchasing a hat, but you’re purchasing one that will protect your head. This is why the protective covering on the hat should be one that is highly protective, provides full coverage and can take a fall or dent with ease, without breaking. Depending on whether or not you have a large or small head, some of the hats out there might not fit you well.

Best Places to Get One:

Good-to-Haves Hi-vis Construction Gear

Hi-Vis Vest 

Hi-vis Construction gear: Vest

Hi-vis Construction gear: Vest

When it’s too warm to wear a jacket, vests are a good alternative. However, if it’s too warm to wear a jacket but still cold, invest in Hi-vis vests with an insulating lining that keeps you warm and visible. It’s not just drivers who may be a hazard. Workers are also exposed to a variety of weather conditions, from high winds to heavy rain and lightning storms. Ensuring that you are visible isn’t always enough. Make sure that you’re also using breathable waterproof rain gear alongside their high visibility equipment.

Best Places to Get One:

 Warm, Waterproof Gloves Warm waterproof work gloves

There is no exact formula for choosing the right gloves. If you work with metal, you need some that will protect you from cuts and scrapes. If you’re landscaping, you need something that will give you both protection and dexterity for plucking roots or handling thorns. For those whose pursuits are truly rough, you need Hi-vis hardy gloves that don’t chafe as you hang drywall, or work pulling steel, etc. Whoever you are and whatever you do, it’s important that you find, and most importantly, test your gloves before buying them.

Best Places to Get Them:

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